Can't connect to my home network remotely

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Can't connect to my home network remotely

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Amcrest view pro works fine while I am home and on my wifi network; however, I cannot connect remotely when I am away from home. I can use the pc app. What am I doing wrong?
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Re: Can't connect to my home network remotely

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Hello and welcome to the Forum.

Whil eI am not sure what camera or what your trying to setup for remote viewing however if it is a Camera it sounds like it may not have had P2P turned on if it has the function.

Sometimes people turn it off because they are afraid the Access to the internet it has open might be a risk.

Other way if you have a Static IP from your ISP you can port forward your camera or DVR and access it over your Normal IP however if your IP changes from time to time like most ISP do then you would need to Port Forward and use a DDNS
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