Camera name changes to "Unauthroized" in App

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Re: Camera name changes to "Unauthroized" in App

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I have the 16 channel DVR and when I connect to the dvr on the network I get Unauthorized and never see anything but black video. I does show on the 4 cam view that different cams have a like 119kb/s and then up to maybe 555kb/s. It sees the cams but just wont display.
I did set the device manager live view and playback to mail but no difference
Onvif Server Version:16.12(V1.2.2.574995)
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Re: Camera name changes to "Unauthroized" in App

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@harddrive Hello and welcome to the Forum

Sadly changing one way to another from main to Extra or Extra to Main there could be a couple of things that is happening..

1 Router needs to be Restarted because there is loads of Traffic and needs to restart every so often..
2 Router to camera or router to modem or both have a cable that is bad kinked or just needs something new in the place of the one you have now...

About the Unauthroized in app name I am not sure why this happens for now only one it does this too is my Samsung S9 and S9+ my iPhone don't have the message and displays the camera name without issue.. Oddly this does this for both my 4108h and my CVI DVR.. My 2116-hs as of the testing I have done it works without issue so I don't know what the deal is I just deal with it...

Edit I also did a Reset on my 4108h and CVI units for another issue I was having and still has the same Unauth message so yeah I don't know
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Re: Camera name changes to "Unauthroized" in App

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vinnyjames wrote: Fri Jun 05, 2020 8:20 pm Found a solution to the Unauthorized issue for mobile:
  1. click the menu in the top-left
  2. click Device Manager
  3. click the device
  4. click the pencil looking edit button
  5. at the bottom change "Live View" and "Playback" to "Main"
Thank you for the solution, vinnyjames !
I couldn't see the live view and it was showing only the "Unauthorized" message.
After changing the settings as vinnyjames recommended everything works like a charm! :D
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