Amcrest View Pro is unreliable as a 24x7 monitor

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Re: Amcrest View Pro is unreliable as a 24x7 monitor

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Let's re-focus this thread.

The OP says that ViewPro on an iPad keeps disconnecting. That may be the case for those particular circumstances but for me it isn't true. I have a single camera (IP2M-841B connected by ethernet) and on my iPad2 running IOS 9.8.5 (the most up to date version for that model) it is rock solid and stays connected. Perhaps I should complain because it isn't disconnecting :D .

It sounds as if there are multiple cameras (types unknown) in the case of the OP's set-up.

It would be good to get a clear idea from the OP exactly what is 1) the mix of camera/s and 2) how are the camera/s connected (WiFi or ethernet)

p.s. - I would add that the iPad occasionally 'decides' to re-boot itself but that is irrelevant really, it's down to the iPad. Also in my case this is while connected to my internal network.
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