Version V2.003.0000001.0.R.201130

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Version V2.003.0000001.0.R.201130

Post by IERnStL »

I just downloaded and install this latest Windows version.
Perhaps I have an out of usual practice of where I have my taskbar but I have mine at the top of the screen.
When I go full screen with this new ASP version, it overlays my taskbar and am unable to see/access any of the items I have pinned to the taskbar.
To get to those pinned items, I shrink down ASP to use them.
The older version did not have this problem

Any idea how to fix this ... without repositioning the task bar?
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Re: Version V2.003.0000001.0.R.201130

Post by longedge »

It sounds to me as if you have got ASP maximized i.e. full screen and window on top. Have you tried sizing the window so it does not quite overlay your taskbar?

I just tried it with my taskbar at the top and the ASP window in the 'restored down' state but with the window sized to full screen. It works perfectly :)
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Re: Version V2.003.0000001.0.R.201130

Post by Revo2Maxx »

Personally old and new ASP in full screen it has been in lock down mode where it only works within the ASP I have to click the icon to make the screen smaller to use my task bar that is even at the normal position so it isn't related to your bar position...


Even changing info in the ASP setup page clicking the COG at the top of the window didn't change the fact I can't touch anything clicking the button next to the X that says Restore will make the window smaller ALso another thing that you can do is Press the Windows KEY to get your Task bar to come on top so it hasn't locked the screen totally like some other programs I use from other Brand Recorders VMS software
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