How can I delete "Default" user listed under "Account" in NVR?

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How can I delete "Default" user listed under "Account" in NVR?

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Appeared on my NVR and Amcrest Surveillance Pro is a username named "Default" that I cannot delete or modify. The software would not allow me to modify or delete that unwanted user listed on my NVR. In my attempts to modify that username, It asks for a password that I do not have because I did not create that username. Anyone has any idea how to remove it? Is it a way that Amcrest or Dahua could gain "backdoor" access to my box (NVR)?

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Re: How can I delete "Default" user listed under "Account" in NVR?

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So I am not sure really.. I can tell you that the accounts in newer NVR's are not like that anymore. I say this because looking at my 2116-HS, 4116e-hs, 4108E-HS, and my 4216e-AI NVR's all of them no longer have the 2 default names in the User Name Area now they do still have both names in the User Groups area. So on my other machines like my 4108h, 4108e, 7204 machines what I did was removed all users accounts ability to access my Recorders under the user name and only left the access to 1 monitor channel. So if someone was able to have access they would have 1 camera to look at.. While this don't cure the issue of that account being removed it was setup from factory that way and don't know of any way of removing it. That is How I felt I should deal with the thing...

On a Backdoor to a recorder or IP camera they are not going to make it in plain sight. It would be something they could access on the LOW LOW and would have no trace in the logs.. If that default account logged in there would be a log. I personally have never seen a Default user access any of my recorders and I watch my logs well.
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