Does pre-record actually work...

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Does pre-record actually work...

Post by rtm »

I have the following set up:

Amcrest DVR (AMDVTENL8-H5):
Software version: 4.000.00AC000.0 build 2018-9-27

Amcrest Full HD 1080P 1920TVL Bullet Outdoor HDCVI Security Camera, 2MP 1920x1080 (1 each)
Amcrest 720p HDCVI Standalone Security Camera, Weatherproof IP67 Bullet Camera (2 each)
Amcrest AMC960HBC36-B 800+ TVL Bullet Weatherproof IP66 Camera (7 each)
Camecho 4 Channel CCTV Video Quad Splitter Camera Processor System Kit Switcher Color Remote Control (1 each )
Generic camera (1 each)

No matter what I try, pre-record doesn't seem to work (set to 5 seconds), except when the cameras go from color to black/white...then most of the time, I get alarms on each camera that show 5 seconds of color image, which then changes to black/white.
Yet, motion detection doesn't get the 5 second pre-record...a person or car is almost halfway through the zone (or all the way through the zone!) before the video starts.

What's the trick to getting pre-record to work?

Example of one camera set up:
Alarm: Motion Detect
Cam 3
Record Preset Stay Time(s)
15 60
Schedule Sun through Sat Hour 0-24

Device CFG
Cam 3
Schedule Sun-Sat 0-24 regular and MD
Record: Pre-record 5 seconds
Main Stream: Schedule
Sub-stream: Stop
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Re: Does pre-record actually work...

Post by Revo2Maxx »

Well it is hard to say. There is so many things that are going on and might be that settings for motion has been changed and doing so has made it take longer for Motion to activate. I have not recording Motion only for long time. I still have Motion setup for other reasons. However I just keep my systems recording 24/7... Plus any cameras that are working in B/W at night set off alerts for way to many things because of the Humid area I live in and then the bugs rain and snow so yeah best for the to just record 24/7 and save any footage I need longer then a week before formatting my HDD for the next run..

On my CVI unit when I did have setup for a few months of Motion it seemed like my Pre recording was working... Having footage start to play and then seeing the motion come into view and record until out of view.. Some times a camera would pick up late if there was a Very fast moving car I might only get 1/2 of the screen with them in it... Changing the settings back to the 5 and 60 in the motion settings seems to be where it worked the best for me...
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