Disable camera stream

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Disable camera stream

Post by kurak38 »

Not sure if this is correct board.

I wanted to ask if anyone knows about an option to disable the stream remotely. The idea is that the camera can stay plugged to power and connect to WiFi, but I don't want it to stream video. I use it as baby cam and I don't want it to stream all the time, just when I manually enable it. So far I had to cut the power and plug again to achieve it.

I couldn't find any feature like that in Chrome plugin (Web UI).
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Re: Disable camera stream

Post by jack7 »

In Web UI, go to Setup/Video/Overlay/Privacy. Enable it and select the part of the image you want private. Save. You may also need to disable audio in Camera/Audio. Save.

You should also be able to do it in your router with "Access Control", or some similar name, to specify when the camera is accessible.
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