Amcrest Surveillance Pro 2.0 Beta (Windows Only)

Have some questions or having issues with Amcrest Surveillance Pro? Post them here for the mods and other users to assist you.
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Re: Amcrest Surveillance Pro 2.0 Beta (Windows Only)

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Thank you very much for your response. I agree with what you are saying but would very much like to avoid it. I have had to do it before. At least now I have the configs exported. I very much like the Beta since it has features that I needed badly. I'll wait awhile to see if anyone else has seen my "surprise" Home Screen. Otherwise, ASP is operating as it was before the Home Screen change.
The developer(s) would know what triggers the Home Screen and if there is a switch somewhere. I checked all of the .INI files to no avail. I'm going to try some keyword searches of ALL files on my entire boot drive, now.
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Re: Amcrest Surveillance Pro 2.0 Beta (Windows Only)

Post by danzetus »

any idea on when to expect ASP 2.0 to be released?
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Re: Amcrest Surveillance Pro 2.0 Beta (Windows Only)

Post by Revo2Maxx »

For Windows I Think it has been Released already. You can download the latest Software from the website here.. ... llance-Pro
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Re: Amcrest Surveillance Pro 2.0 Beta (Windows Only)

Post by GaryOkie »

Thought I would see how well ASP2 handled the AD110 doorbell. I found that about all it was good for was displaying the live stream.

Interestingly, search for recorded videos on the SD-Card worked. In the right frame, it showed each recording listed by timestamp, length of recording, and size. Even the timeline at the bottom was properly marked for each recording. But when trying to play back any of the recordings, it fell flat. Just said "Requesting the first frame video" in giant text and that was all she wrote.

EDIT... I did not try the PC NVR feature since I have a real NVR. So I would think that AD110 recordings captured via this functionality should play back OK.
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Re: Amcrest Surveillance Pro 2.0 Beta (Windows Only)

Post by lonewolf97 »

So is there like only one programmer working on this software? Updates are few and far between and problems are rarely solved. This version has been in Beta for over a year. Issues I'm having include:
1. NVR software rebooting itself randomly
2. When it does reboot it loses all my recording settings including the cameras, schedules and the NVR camera names
in the Live view
3. When I try to set the schedule for the entire week, it crashes the software
4. What's with the 3 beeps after the software restarts? It's handy to know when the software does reboot but it
shouldn't be doing that in the first place
Any chances of this getting fixed anytime soon? I really like this hardware and recommend it to many of my friends but the software on all of it leaves a lot to be desired.
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Re: Amcrest Surveillance Pro 2.0 Beta (Windows Only)

Post by n6eaj »

Cwpc wrote: Sat Jun 27, 2020 8:16 pm Does this fix the issue with ip2m-841B not saving to the PC-NVR after the latest firmware updates?
Yes. When I updated the firmware on my IP2M-841W, I lost my ability to record (record all cameras 24/7 to a hard drive (PC-NVR)) on the older ASP version. I tried the newer version of ASP and I can record again.
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Re: Amcrest Surveillance Pro 2.0 Beta (Windows Only)

Post by LTTL004 »

I will note that indeed, the AD110 will not playback recorded sdcard events via the Pro app, and gets the "first frame request" message. However, it IS possible to download those recordings (as mp4 if you wish). That seems to work OK, within the normal limitations of the devices and app. Also, the app itself seems to run fine under wine on Ubuntu (same problems as on Windows, but it installs and runs).
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