AD410 in ASP over P2P? (Not working for me)

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AD410 in ASP over P2P? (Not working for me)

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So is it just me? I mean I have it working in my Smarthome app.. So I know that my AD110 works with in the ASP maybe the AD410 don't? I know I know people might say it is working for them if they are using IP format, I am using P2P format and the doorbell don't load and yes I have the AD110 on my ASP over P2P and the reason I know that works is because both of them are on different network then my ASP network so that is why I need to use P2P over normal IP setup..

Only thing I can think of is that while the SN of both units are same type the 410 was loaded as an ASH product where the 110 was loaded as a DB I am guessing that has to do with the features the 410 has over the 110..

Anyway anyone have a AD410 working on ASP over P2P? Even if on your same network range?

So I am clear, my Ad410 and 110 are both on the same range as one another, one being and the AD110 is on My ASP ip that I am working with right now is on
Thanks to all that has helped out others on the Forum
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