Cannot pair AD410 succesfully

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Re: Cannot pair AD410 succesfully

Post by jack7 »

I agree with you.
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Re: Cannot pair AD410 succesfully

Post by hack »

I have this same issue on ios Amcrest Smart Home app trying to connect a AD410 Doorbell
Has support acknowledged the issue?

The app reports it needs access to the Local Network and shows to go to "Settings->Amcrest Smart Home->Local Network" and enable it, however there is no "Local Network" option. If you go to "Settings->Privacy->Local Network" and look for Amcrest Smart Home, there's nothing there as if the app does not register in ios to be added. Is suspect the Smart Home app is out of date and needs amending so it appears in the Local Network settings section.

I've logged a support ticket. Just thought I surely can't be the only one with this issue
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Re: Cannot pair AD410 succesfully

Post by Cr4z33 »

I can't believe I am having such a nightmare into this, but I am close to made it (ALL by myself)!

Long story short... I tried to use the Android app Dahua DMSS and I was able to pair the doorbell with my Wi-Fi network.

I mean it is now connected, but... it's neither visible in the Dahua app nor in the Amcrest one... :lol:

In what wall shall I bang my head next?
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Re: Cannot pair AD410 succesfully

Post by Cr4z33 »


After the initial WiFi/password setup done with Dahua DMSS I tried adding the doorbell also in Amcrest Smart Home.

This time as soon as I entered the device serial in the first setup screen it went straight at ending adding it in "My Devices".

Since then I can do everything from live view to entering its settings, etc.!
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Re: Cannot pair AD410 succesfully

Post by OneGoal »

@Cr4z33 I created an account just to say THANK YOU FOR SAVING US ALL! After hours of putting holes in the wall with my head, I found your post and in your post, the flood gates of knowledge were flung open and my frustration was washed away. Replaced by a new found blissful exhilaration in this bewildering complex and disappointing life.

Yeah.. anyway, thanks mate!

To others with the same problem, forget the Amcrest app during the first half of the setup. All you need to do is follow the steps for adding the doorbell to the DMSS app. The procedure WILL fail when it reaches the part that says "connecting to your router". This is fine! As long as your hear the doorbell say "Successfully connected to your network" or something like that, then it worked. You can close the DMSS app. Now is the time to open the Amcrest app and go through the process of adding it in there.

It's an absolutely rediculus workaround but it works.. I'm actually disappointed this is what we have to go through to get it to work.
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Re: Cannot pair AD410 succesfully

Post by Cr4z33 »

You're welcome mate! :D
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Re: Cannot pair AD410 succesfully

Post by RAFS007 »

HI Revo2Maxx - I've read this entire post with keen interest because I'm having a very similar problem with my new AD410 as well. I'm yet to successfully add the doorbell to the Amcrest Smart Home app. Reading your post, I gained some insight and want to confirm the following so that I can try again tomorrow once I'm at the location where the doorbell is installed. If I understand you correctly, I may successfully install the doorbell by:
1. Making certain my Samsung Note 8 is connected to Wifi as normal
2. Ensure that the Amcrest Smart Home app is installed and running
3. Reset the doorbell and wait to hear something like "Wifi Hotspot Is Active" from the doorbell
4. Proceed in the App to add the doorbell BUT - JUST BEFORE I tap the ADD DEVICE icon on my phone, I should switch to the doorbell WiFi Hotspot listed in my phone
5. Then proceed to Add the Device, Enter the Serial# (excluding the 'ASH-' portion)
6. Proceed with the setup
7. At some point switch back to the usual WiFi and use the doorbell

Sorry to be so simplistic but I've tried just about everything else and really want to use the doorbell for our store.
Have I gotten it right?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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Re: Cannot pair AD410 succesfully

Post by Revo2Maxx »

@RAFS007 Hello and Welcome to the forum

This camera is all fast and easy to setup.. Just make sure that the Camera is connected to your power the right way is most important thing..

Then once you have it powered on you will click the smart home app, + for adding new camera, scan the QR code on the camera and follow the directions. What I was saying is it will come up and ask you if you want to connect to the hot spot and for me it was odd because the first one a AD110 the hot spot was a DBxxxxx where the AD410 comes up asking to connect to a ASH-###### so I wanted to make sure it was known if others have more Smart Home Products like I do that the ASH asking to connect is for the AD410..

Most important thing about this camera is installing the power correctly for the type of install one will use and having the doorbell added to the app as the right type as well..

If your going to use it without a Chime, Not Chime kit needed and make sure to skip the adding of Chime in the App when that part of the install comes up in app. If someone installs this camera as a stand alone and don't have a chime installed and presses the button the doorbell camera will Power Brick and only be able to work using the USB.
Thanks to all that has helped out others on the Forum
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