Amcrest AD410 doorbell wedge kit?

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Amcrest AD410 doorbell wedge kit?

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So I picked up the AD410 doorbell and set it up pretty easily. Some of the software was a bit clunky though, like to remove the Amcrest logo needed a specific app on Android that was able to remove the logo, but nothing else seemed to be able to otherwise.

In any case, everything is working great except that half of the view from the doorbell is of my front door. My old dumb doorbell is in a poorly positioned spot and is perpendicular to the front door. So I used the included wedge to angle the AD410 away from the door but it only helps slightly. ~40% of the view is my closed front door...

Are there any plans to release a corner wedge kit like with the AD110 doorbell? A 45 degree wedge is exactly what I need but right now I'm totally out of luck.

I see a few 3D print options online but they're pretty pricy with shipping to Canada. Could go that route but I thought I would ask around here if anyone has suggestions. Or if I should wait for something official, but if it's not going to be any cheaper, I might as well not wait.
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