AD410 Setup

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AD410 Setup

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So something I found out today and thought I would try and relay this message so people that are setting up the AD410 don't brick the cameras...

First it seems that the next update will include a missing page in the setup and that is to skip the setup of the Indoor chime.. (That means it will not be setup from the start up and people will have to add the chime after setting up in the app)

Please note that it seems people are bricking the AD410 by trying to setup the camera maybe on the desk or something outside the normal setup on the front or back of the house and from what I am starting to gather the camera by doing this and not setting up the camera right the first time some how bricks the camera from working with a Normal Power supply and will only then on work from the USB... I have not had any of my Friends with this issue at this time so I can't test out what is bad. Plus the device is to new for any of them if they did brick it to let me investigate the issue

As much as I like to test out things I am not willing at this point Brick my camera seeing I only own 1 AD410 and I don't really like having to wait for a exchange to get a replacement..

If your going to setup Stand alone please when you get to the Setup Chime option PRESS SKIP at the button, IF you have setup the camera Stand alone you need to take the camera and Do a RESET back to factory with the little reset at the back of the camera
Thanks to all that has helped out others on the Forum
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