Remote speaker / microphone use with Amcrest Cloud app? (iOS)

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Remote speaker / microphone use with Amcrest Cloud app? (iOS)

Post by Oculus »

Is there any way to remotely use the microphone and speaker via the Cloud app for iOS? I've looked everywhere I can think of in the (generally very poor) documentation, and find nothing on this. Nothing in the app's interface or settings related to this that I can find, either. Searching in this forum produced no results on this topic. (Used simple searches on "speaker microphone" and "speaker" and "microphone"... nothing.

Alternatively, can I do this via the Amcrest View Pro app... remotely, that is? (Easy enough to do while at home, but the network connection is lost when I'm not on my WiFi network. Seems maybe there's a way to get that app working remotely via some special static IP addressing, but I'm pretty hazy on how to do all that.)

I'm using one IP2M-841 camera.

Any help appreciated.
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Re: Remote speaker / microphone use with Amcrest Cloud app? (iOS)

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I am not sure I Follow... Welcome to the Forum Starting off...

So are you asking can you use the Cloud App to use your Mic and Hear what is going on?

Second I am not sure as I don't use the Cloud... Seems to be confusing when it comes to all other things that I have already going... Cloud changes my Encoding back... Always make changes in IE for older FW or Chrome in New... Then Cloud changes so I Disabled Cloud...

So then there is the next thing.. Wifi.. Sadly that isn't very stable.. However in a Bind it works as well as one can expect.... So Best in my mind as I use with my Camera the Amcrest View Pro app. in both my S9 and my XR Iphone.. Works better with S9 TBH... IN Network out of network can use mic and hear no issue...

Can't connect when away form home.. Try this when your home.. Log in to IE or Chrome depending on your FW.. Then click on settings to get to all the settings. Then Network, then in some it will be under P2P in others it will be under TCP/IP. Make sure that is enabled. Then you can test your connection when your home. Just turn off WIFI on your Phone and you will be working over your Cell Phone Data.. If you can connect your P2P is working... Then where you go that you can access your Phones data you can see your Cams...
Thanks to all that has helped out others on the Forum
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Re: Remote speaker / microphone use with Amcrest Cloud app? (iOS)

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I hope this relates to the question, but I have found that any version of iOS after 10.3.3 does not work with the NVR mic or speaker ports using the AmcrestView app for Apple devices. I have an old 4th Gen iPad that stopped updating and it works fine with the PC speakers I hooked to the Mic Out jack on the back of the NVR. I talk to my dog when I’m at work. You will know if it’s working if the Microphone icon (generally Cam 1) is lit up green. If it’s red, no go.

I sent a support ticket in about this a long time ago and got nowhere. Apparently, through my own research, it seems that the new microphone privacy settings Apple incorporated into the latest updates requires the app developer to make changes on their end. I’ve seen in other forums that Samsung phones do not have this issue. So, it’s a double whammy for Apple users.
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