Amcrest Cloud App Data Issue

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Amcrest Cloud App Data Issue

Post by Talon3 »

I have been using the Amcrest indoor cameras for close to 2 years and they have been flawless. The picture quality the ptz over the internet never a hiccup. Until now that is.
I use 2 apps to view and interact with the cameras.
1. Is the Amcrest View Pro for real time watching, manipulation of ptz functions, and enabling / disabling motion sense recording.
2. Amcrest Cloud App for motion push and email notifications, and for viewing the recordings.

The later is what I'm having a trouble with since 2 updates ago from the Google play store. Previous the cloud app worked great over both cell data and wifi. Since 2 updates ago the app opens, displays the cameras info number of recordings. It will not play the recordings or live view if on cell data. Turn on wifi connect and hit play and it works. Turn off wifi playback stops and just says loading and nothing happens. I've checked the phone settings made sure that nothing is preventing the use of data. Even set ignore data saver even though data saver is off.
The phone is a Samsung Note 9 512gig on Verizon with unlimited data.

Any help with this would be great, as I have unlimited data it matters not if I stream video and I work in places without access to wifi. I really need this app to work over cell data.
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Re: Amcrest Cloud App Data Issue

Post by Revo2Maxx »

Hello and welcome to the Forum.

Sorry to hear about the troubles you are running into.

If your using the Starter Unlimited data from Verizon that might be why your not getting video streams. As there is a 480p cap on that. Then there is the next one up that has a Limit of 720p and then the one that is like your monthly fee plus 100 a line does 1080p.

So something to try is if your trying to view over say the Main part of the app then try the other option Also make sure that the second steam is enabled as well. I have heard where people have turned off the Sub stream and no longer able to get any view.

I have the S9 and S9+. I thought about getting the Note 9 as well but my kids had me buy them new Google phone instead lol...
Thanks to all that has helped out others on the Forum
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