GPS Trackers for Pets Are a Must-Have: Here’s Why

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Pets always find their way into trouble. That remains the case even if you are extremely careful. You can’t keep an eye on them at all times, because you have your own things to take care of. It is as if you need to hire someone to look after your pet for a full day on a daily basis.

But you don’t need to go through all that to watch your furry friend and keep them out of harm’s way. All you need to use is a GPS tracker. It will be your trusty sidekick on your mission to keep your pets safe.

Here are some reasons why you need a GPS tracker for your pet!

Reasons to use a GPS tracker for your pet

1. Track What You Love

The number one reason you need a GPS tracker for your pet is that you love them and take their responsibility. As they are part of the family, you need to keep them safe at all times. And a GPS tracker is going to be helpful for you in fulfilling this duty.

2. Noise Anxiety

There is a good chance that your pet gets anxious when it is exposed to a lot of noise. About 40% of the dogs have this condition and this is one of the more probable reasons why they bolt out of a sudden. In such a scenario, your pet will do what it can to get as far as possible from the noise.

Finding them would become difficult if you don’t know where they are hiding. This is where a GPS tracker comes in handy.

3. When Your Pet Goes Missing, Time is Precious

If you have owned a pet for a long time, you would understand the fact that they always find an unimaginable way to escape. If it happens in an unexpected day, hours and minutes pass by quickly before you even realize what went down.

But with the help of a GPS tracker like Amcrest, you will get an alert in no time. The real-time push notifications and alerts will allow you to take immediate action before anything goes wrong.

4. Keeping Track While Traveling

When traveling you have to be extra cautious because you are on unfamiliar territory and finding an escaped pet is going to be worrisome. The GPS tracking device will be a useful and safe tool in this scenario.

5. Tracking Activity Patterns

Some GPS trackers also come with an additional feature of taking note of your pet’s activities on a regular basis. It allows you to draw and understand any patterns in associations with the current behavior of your pet.

You can conveniently notice any change in behavior and it allows you to act in a timely fashion to get the problem solved.

6. Lost Pets Are Common

Pets, especially dogs, have an instinct to chase things because it’s in their nature. Your pet might be very well behaved in various circumstances but tempting with instincts can bring out their wild side.

Chasing a squirrel or something else might shoot them off even before you bat an eye. A GPS tracker will keep things under control and you will know where to find your pet when it is done with chasing.

7. Pets & Fences

Dogs are the masters of digging while cats specialize in jumping. Your fences might prove to be a good solution but when your pets realize that they can overcome the obstacles in front of them, or finds a way to tackle it, these fences will become useless. A GPS tracker can assist you when your pet climbs the fence and enters into the no-go zone.

8. Accidents Happen

This might have happened to every pet owner out there that your pet shoots off when you forget to close the door. Even if you are the most careful pet owner on the planet, a visitor at your place or your children have done it and provided your pet a chance to unleash.

In such a situation a GPS tracker will sort things out for you and you will get a notification about where to find your fur-ball.

9. Pet Theft

A study has shown that approximately 10% of the cases involving lost animals are theft reports and it is increasing every year. These pets are stolen and sold at cheap rates.

This is where a GPS tracker can help things out and you can call for help immediately if it has happened.

10.  Perfect for Adopted or Rescued Pets

Rescued or adopted pets have an unknown past. You don’t know what they have gone through and this is something you might never come to know.

As your new pet is getting accustomed to the new environment, you might need a GPS tracker to keep an eye on it and its daily activities.

11.  Track Pet Walkers

With a GPS tracker, you will know that your pet is being well taken care of when you are out traveling for any reason. When you leave your pet in the hands of your neighbors and take it for a walk, a GPS tracker can assist in recording the pet walks. This is a good way to keep your pet in check even when you are not at home.

Things to consider before you buy a GPS tracker for your pet

There are various things to consider before you buy a GPS tracker for your pet. As there are so many different types of GPS trackers, finding the right one can be extremely difficult.

The Size of Your Pet

These devices are not one-for-all. Different GPS trackers are specifically designed according to the size of your pet. You need to pay attention to the weight and size of the tracker. Most of the trackers are designed to fit into your pet’s collar, GPS trackers can be bulky in size and they might not be very comfortable for smaller pets.

Go for a tracker that is specifically designed for your pet. If it is a cat then go for a tracker that is for the felines and if it is a dog, go for the gadget that is for the canines.

Activity levels

If you have a kitty or a pup that doesn’t sit still at all then you need a tracker that can keep the activity on the record and has good battery life.

You can choose different modes based on the activity. For example, if you are going for a hike with your pet or just chilling at home you can choose a mode and record the activity levels effectively.

The number of alerts and checking on the pet can differ between different devices. For live tracking, a device needs to update every 30 seconds. You will have a constant stream of an alert on your pet’s activity level.

If you have a runner, this feature is going to be very fruitful for you but it also drains battery life pretty fast. So you need to choose wisely!

Battery Life

Speaking of battery life, if your pet wanders around all day, it is better for you to go for a GPS tracker that has a long battery life. Long battery life means that you can keep a track on your furry friend for longer periods because a GPS tracker is only good until it is working.

Outdoor Elements

Pets do what their instincts tell them to. Even a well-behaved and well-trained pet can lose it at times. As they like to chase and go and explore everything out of curiosity, they might end up in a pond or in the mud.

Therefore, a GPS tracker needs to have the ability to withstand all these elements to keep the tracking going.

Real-time Tracking and Mapping

Real-time means that the device keeps tracking and notifying you where your pet is! And it happens without any delays.

With the help of a satellite, your GPS tracking will keep you posted. You will never realize the importance of this feature until you get to find out yourself how fast or intelligent your pet actually is

Good Coverage

A GPS tracker must have good area coverage and should not lose the signals once your pet enters into an area where there are too many trees. Even if your pet has the tracker on, you might not get the current location and this can be troubling.

Subscription Fees

You need to assess different services according to their subscription fees and services offered. GPS trackers with no fees are also available on the market but they don’t offer real-time tracking and you will not get the notifications that frequently.

So choosing the right service is extremely important and it should come at the right price. This is critical if you don’t want to end up paying more for your subscription than your utility bills.

Customizable Safe Zones

Another excellent feature for you to consider is customizable safe zones. You can automatically set different areas as safe on different occasions and get notifications if your pet enters into an area where it should go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a difference between a microchip and a GPS tracker?

The difference between these two devices is how they work to keep your pet safe. Microchips don’t allow you to keep a check on the pets in real-time. You cannot identify them until they end up in a shelter or at a vet. These chips go inside the shoulder of the animal and you can’t take them off.

On the other hand, a GPS tracker works just like Find My Device application on your smartphone that allows you to locate your phone when you have lost it. GPS trackers have 2G/3G or Wi-Fi/Bluetooth capabilities for location service and you can track your pets in real-time on a map.

I have already micro-chipped my pet. Do I need a GPS tracker now?

If you have microchipped your pet, you might not need to go for a GPS tracker. But as we have explained in the previous question, they both work differently and for real-time location services, you will need a GPS tracker for sure. The microchip works as insurance in case your pet loses the tracker.

What else can a 4G GPS tracker tell me about my pet?

In addition to the current location of your pet, a 4G GPS tracker can also tell you about the heart rate of your pet. It can also provide you with information on your pet’s body temperatures and you can take notice of and keep a record of your pet’s daily activities too.

Do I need to pay for a monthly plan for the GPS service?

Many of the services require you to pay for a monthly subscription. But if you choose Amcrest, you can choose a plan according to your requirements without any contract. The company also enables you to get vet services as well as emergency services.

Final Words

GPS trackers can serve to be your trusty partners in tracking the whereabouts of your pet. It can provide you with different features that come in handy when you want to find out what your pet is up to. There are a number of trackers available on the market but Amcrest is our Editor’s choice.

Once you have tied it to the collar of your furry friend you can get a real-time update about his activities. There is a long list of Amcrest GPS tracker’s features that helps you to stay updated about your pet. Some of them include:

  • Cutting-edge Real-time tracking
  • Push alerts
  • Geofencing
  • 4G LTE compatibility
  • Text and email alerts
  • 2 weeks of battery life
  • Compact size
  • Water-resistant
  • Beautifully integrated maps interface
  • Mobile browser compatibility

It is important that you keep an eye on your pet because they are also an integral part of your family and they keep your every day filled with joy and happiness.

GPS Trackers for Pets Are a Must-Have: Here’s Why

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