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Many places have their own cloud services, which they, in turn, provide to their customers to enhance their experience, such as Amcrest Cloud. Today, we’re going to discuss the nature of the cloud and how it may benefit you more than your current hardware or software.

What is the cloud?

Most people like to consider the cloud as some unreachable place in the sky where images and videos are kept, forever preserved until needed again by their owners. In truth, the cloud, or cloud computing, is where a variety of resources are stored. By doing this, it allows one to save space on their own personal hardware and software. An example of this would be deciding to save your photos to a USB drive or a MicroSD card. At some point, however, you’re bound to run out of space and you’re eventually tasked with buying more hardware or software in order to create room for your resources.

How does this ‘cloud’ benefit me?

The cloud can benefit you in a number of ways, and the number one benefit for everyone is time. You can always get your money back, but you can never get your time back. By using a cloud service you’re able to buy however much space you need instead of buying it in bulk with large hardware or software. With the latter, you’re always bound to have leftover space that you may never use.

With Amcrest Cloud, you’re capable of accessing your security cameras all from one place instead of having to use either multiple monitors, NVRs or other storage devices.You may find that with the Amcrest Cloud, you’re even capable of watching live video providing that you have a reliable internet connection.

By using a cloud service, you enable yourself to become more cost-efficient. The price of buying a separate hard-drive can easily amount to more than $150, provided that you only needed one. A cloud service is typically purchased monthly and offered at a much lower rate of around $10/month. For Amcrest Cloud, it’s around $6/camera per month for unlimited live streaming.

Since cloud services are hosted on a virtual server, you’re less likely to lose your saved data. By using a cloud service, you’ll never have to worry about the possibility of a USB card becoming corrupted or running out of space as time goes on.

What is Amcrest Cloud?

Amcrest Cloud is Amcrest Industries’ second home. For those who own Amcrest cameras and DVRs, you’ll find that you can store your recordings and never risk missing another moment. Because your footage is saved in the cloud, your recordings and images are not only accessible from anywhere that as an internet connection but also protected at all times.

Our cloud service is accessible from your computer or smartphone and allows you to watch your recorded footage from all of your cameras in one place. Through this service, you can receive notifications as soon as your camera senses movement and quickly view footage on an intuitive intelligent timeline.

With normal cloud services, you’re able to not only protect yourself but your information as well. With Amcrest Cloud, you’re able to protect the footage that keeps your home or business safe without a flicker of doubt.


Kim Cooper is a graduate of the University of Houston-Downtown and works as a Digital Marketing Specialist for Amcrest. Through innovation and determination, she aims to make everyone’s lives a little better one word at a time.

Amcrest’s Home in the Cloud
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