6 Prime Locations To Place Your Security Cameras At Home

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A security camera’s effectiveness is made or shattered by its placement. The right placement will protect your property and help you stop the bad guys. If you put your surveillance devices in an area of the home where no one is going to enter or pass by, then it does not offer much in the way of security. Before installing your cameras, always be sure to complete a risk assessment so that you can determine the best place to put your equipment. In order to help you with these considerations, here are six of the best locations to place Security Cameras in your home.

  1. Front door

The front door of a home is a popular entry point for criminals and burglars. When you place a security camera at this entrance, you need to consider the goal of your security. Surveillance equipment that is documenting what is happening at the front door of a home should have its presence advertised. This can either be done by having the camera visible, or by placing signs on the property, which are visible to passers-by. This camera will have the most interaction with visitors to the property, and because of this, most of the people and events recorded will not threaten the property.

Security that interacts with the public also has the best chance of being a deterrent to crime. It is just a fact that people behave differently when they believe they are being watched. If there is a criminal element walking around the neighborhood, then the advertised presence of a front door security camera is likely to make them keep walking. This is especially important if you get packages delivered regularly, due to the rise of delivery theft. This type of documentation is the perfect preventative measure.

  1. First Floor Window

The windows on the first floor of a home are easy targets for thieves. The glass is nowhere near as secure as a locked door. This can be the entry point for a burglar. The space that a broken pane of glass provides can be large enough so that your property can be moved outside easier than fitting it through a door. When a window is being used as an entry point, it is quite likely that it will be one in the back of the house, or with similar cover from the eyes of pedestrians. Because breaking glass is going to make noise, some form of obstruction will assist the burglar in their attempt to carry out their act discreetly enough.

Beyond a probable point of entry, a window is a way to look inside a home. Criminals will use first floor windows to assess the property. They are looking for valuables that are in eyesight and attempt to figure out the floor plan of the home. If you capture the images of these people, you may be able to take action before the crime takes place. Placing the camera inside the home pointing out will protect the camera from interference, but it may impede what can be recorded. Reflections on the glass may obscure the picture and ultimately make the footage useless. I would recommend placing the camera outside, but in a way where the window can still be viewed.

  1. Back Door

The back door is a likely point of entry for criminals. If the person in question is using surreptitious entry methods, such as lock bumping or picking, they will want the discretion of a backdoor. This will allow them time without the likely threat of being discovered by a passerby. Once someone has approached your back door, they have committed to testing your security. Security camera signs will no longer work as effectively as a deterrent. The plausible deniability for a criminal is already out the door because they have gotten onto the property without permission, so their intent is clear.

With surveillance equipment installed to record back doors, you are able to gather evidence of security breaches and violations. Make sure that backdoor cameras are hidden or otherwise out of reach. Cameras at these locations are more likely to be vandalized, due to the criminal intent that is captured. Criminals are likely to try and interfere with these cameras in an attempt to destroy the footage. Regardless of whether or not this will effectively save them from being arrested is inconsequential. It will damage your property, and temporarily weaken the state of your security.

  1. Stairways

A stairway that is inside or outside of the property is a good place for a security camera. These are points in and around the home, which are used to get around the property. Outside stairs may be used to connect a duplex, access a roof, etc. These may be used by burglars to enter the home in an unusual way. These types of unique entries are often done to avoid your security. When you use your cameras to view these stairways, you will be one step ahead of the criminal element.

When it comes to interior stairways, they are the perfect place to record with your camera. Home burglaries happen very quickly, and as a result, these criminals are in an out of the home in minutes or less. The stairs are an area that forces a person so slow down, especially on the descent. You will also be guaranteed to get two looks at the perpetrators, as they will need to go up and down.

  1. Garage

The garage of a home is potentially at risk for theft. Because a garage door is often opened and closed in a manner that displays its full contents, any valuables will be seen by outside parties. Most garages will also be very vulnerable to certain bypasses, and often have less security on side doors than the home. Even if you do not keep overtly valuable items in the garage, items like tools and cars may be assumed to be in the garage. Once your garage has been broken into, you will need to know, as these types of criminals often come back. In the case of bike thieves, they often target house over and over with the knowledge that you will replace the bike.

With a garage camera, you want a view from inside the structure that allows you to see most, if not all, of the interior. The reason for interior placement is so you can assess how the person is entering, and exactly what they are targeting. Once the person is inside the garage they are also going to spend quite a bit of time in there, with nowhere to go that really puts them out of frame. This increases the chance of getting a usable image of their face or some sort of identifying mark. Any cameras meant to view the garage from the outside should be able to surveil every exterior wall of the structure, which will most likely require multiple devices.

  1. Backyard

The backyard of a home is a very important place to keep an eye on. Beyond general anti-theft usage, a backyard camera is sure to protect pets and record weather events taking place on the property. The backyard is the section of the home that interacts with nature but is also outside of public view. If dangerous animals such as mountain lions, bears, coyotes, etc., are visiting your backyard, this affects your security. Any pets that are on the premises are in extreme danger, and it also presents a threat to the human inhabitants as well. When wild animals get in a routine of entering a yard, they are not guaranteed to exclusively come around when you are gone. Any time where there is not a significant amount of noise, such as outdoor naps, tanning sessions, backyard camping, etc., these threats may arise.

With a camera pointed at your backyard, you will know what is happening on your property when no one is watching. It will corroborate claims about natural weather events for insurance purposes as well as give homeowners peace of mind. If there is a loud bang in the middle of the night, a backyard camera may be able to show you that it was nothing more than the wind. It will also display intruders, but because of the amount of area you want to be recording, finer details are going to be lost.


Now that you know the protections each of these placements affords your property, you can better determine where to put your security cameras. Make sure that you check your recordings in order to troubleshoot your framing and any issues with glare. Make sure that you are getting the most out of the protections you have invested in. Protect your home by taking the necessary steps to manage your security efficiently.

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6 Prime Locations To Place Your Security Cameras At Home
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