Amcrest 4K 32 Chanel (16-Channel PoE) Network Video Recorder w/ Gigabit Uplink 18-Port POE+ Ethernet Switch with 16-Ports POE+ (Plus) 802.3at 240w, Supports up to 24TB Hard Drive (Hard Drive Not Included) (NV4432E-HS-AGPS18E16P-AT-190M)

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Amcrest 4K 32 Chanel (16-Channel PoE) Network Video Recorder w/ Gigabit Uplink 18-Port POE+ Ethernet Switch with 16-Ports POE+ (Plus) 802.3at 240w, Supports up to 24TB Hard Drive (Hard Drive Not Included) (NV4432E-HS-AGPS18E16P-AT-190M)

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Amcrest HD NVR technology transmits up to 8-Megapixel quality video over Ethernet, allowing for long-distance and cost-effective HD video transmission. The signal is transmitted at a maximum throughput of 80Mbps which eliminates latency and allows for real-time, highly reliable video security without loss or delay. The cameras connect directly to the NVR providing a painless, non-complex plug-and-play setup process and can be installed up to 300ft away. In addition, the HD NVR is smartphone compatible (iPhone, Android) as well as viewable over the internet using standard web-browsers.

NVR Features:

  • Extraordinary Quality: Supports 32-Channel (16-Channel PoE) @ 8MP Resolution. Record in Widescreen, Quick Access QR Code Remote Viewing on iPhone, iPad, and Android (w/ included Amcrest View app)
  • 18-Port POE+ 802.3at Desktop Power Ethernet Switch with 16-Port POE+ and Gigabit Uplink (10/100/1000mbps)
  • Remotely Access Using Standard Windows and Mac Browsers. Easy to Install: Connect to and Manage All Cameras on Your Network via Ethernet Cables. Feature-Rich OSD: Camera Name, Time, Motion Detection, Video Loss, Lock, and Record Status Icons
  • Supports maximum 30w power (POE+ 802.3at) and 10/100mbp to each POE port. 190w Power available to all POE ports
  • This NVR Requires a Hardwired Ethernet Connection Directly to Your Router to Operate. This NVR Supports both WiFi and Wired IP Cameras. Custom Record Modes (e.g. Manual, Scheduled, Motion Detection) and Record Intervals (1-120min). USB Backup Feature for Peace of Mind

Amcrest 32 Channel (16-Channel PoE) NVR / Network Video Recorder - Supports 8-Megapixels @ 30fps Realtime / Supports up to 24TB HDD (Not Included) / 18-Port POE+ 802.3at Desktop Power Ethernet Switch with 16-Port POE+ / Uplink (10/100/1000mbps) / 190w Power available to all POE ports / NV4432E-HS-AGPS18E16P-AT-190M 

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SKU : NV4432E-HS-AGPS18E16P-AT-190M

4K Quality

The NVR finally brings 4K quality to a closed-circuit platform that can be viewed on vivid, crystal-clear 8-Megapixel resolution. Experience true High Definition video unlike any other system as your monitor brings everything to life. Whether you’re recording, taking snapshots, or checking Motion Detection alerts, no detail will make it past you even if it tried.



32-Channel NVR with 16CH PoE

Connect up to 16 PoE cameras at once that you can control at the same time through the NVR’s on-screen display! You can record with up to 32 cameras @ 30fps onto any hard drive size up to 24TB (Hard Drive Not Included) and utilize motion detection and scheduled recordings to record for a lot longer than continuous recording would allow. In addition, all the Ethernet ports on the back panel also support PoE, which saves you from having to use PoE splitters or injectors.


The Amcrest AGPS18E16P-AT-190M

The Amcrest AGPS18E16P-AT-190M is a layer-2 PoE Ethernet switch. The device can support PoE, PoE+, Hi-PoE (The total PoE power is 190W/240W). 250 meters long distance PoE transmission.


Up to 250 meters or 820 Feet!

This Active POE Switch allows you to run Ethernet cables from the POE Switch over long distances.Generating up to 190W/240W, the PoE Switch supplies remote power for products such as wireless access points, Amcrest IP cameras and videophones.

Real-Time, No Latency Viewing and Night Vision

The HD NVR's closed-circuit design allows you to watch things happen as they happen. With a high-speed, dedicated, dual-core embedded processor, you can be ensured that your recorded footage will have virtually no latency which allows for real-time, highly reliable video security streams without loss or delay. You may as well be standing right there! Also, with night vision, not even the cover of dark can protect an intruder from the IR LEDs that will illuminate and capture their every move in detail.

Remote Viewing and Storage

When you bring your DVR online, you can tap into your system and check on all your cameras at any time from anywhere in the world! You can do this through the Amcrest View smartphone/tablet app as well as through the web interface once it has been setup for remote viewing. This allows you to always keep in touch with what’s going on no matter where you are and even features alert notifications on the go!

Amcrest View App for iPhone or Android

Free yourself from having to sit at a computer to check on your cameras! Now, you can take them with you on the go by pulling up live feeds with the new Amcrest View app. It is free to download and available on the App Store and Play Store. The DVR comes with a QR-code for a quick and painless plug-and-play setup for remote viewing on your smartphone. Just scan it into the app and start viewing right away!

IP Security

Instead of having multiple devices independently accessible through the network, with the HD NVR, you only have one device. This NVR will be the hub for all your cameras at once. It's not only easier to set-up, but easier to manage, troubleshoot, access and control. And because you only have one device online, as opposed to multiple, you can also feel more secure.

Backwards Compatible 

NVR is backwards compatible with VGA, 4-Megapixel (2240x1680), 3-Megapixel (2K), 2-Megapixel (1080p), 720P and 960P Cameras.

Intelligent Timeline Playback

Amcrest DVR's come equipped with an intelligent timeline playback feature which allows you to view all of your recordings on a beautiful, intuitive interface. Scroll seamlessly through different days, hours, or minutes and stream your recorded videos easily.



Plug-and-Play Set-up with Intuitive On Screen Display

No confusing configuration necessary. With the HD NVR, you just connect your Ethernet cable, and enjoy your vibrant HD stream. At last, no more messy computer software downloading or configuration necessary. No need to worry about IP configuration, subnetting, or port forwarding for each and every single camera independently. Instead, configure all your IP cameras into one location, the NVR, to gain access to all of your cameras at once! Enjoy viewing, controlling, and managing all your cameras on the NVR’s built-in OSD. You can even use your own keyboard and mouse!

USB for Data Transfers and HDMI or VGA Output

24 full Terabytes of storage space not enough? You don’t have to delete old recordings to make room. Now you can pop in a USB drive or cable and backup your most important videos to an external storage device! And you can choose between standard and high definition output to any monitor or TV of your choice. Imagine showing off your cameras on the big screen!


Shipping, Warranty, & Support

When you purchase directly from Amcrest you are not only purchasing a product, but also the value-added service of same-day shipping from our US based warehouse. We have a 30-day money back return policy and a warranty replacement process all based out of the US. If you need help, click our Support Tab to gain access to step-by-step guides, video tutorials, and our community support forums. And if you still need additional assistance, feel free to call or email our technical support team. We’re happy when you’re happy!

  • 1 x NV4432E-HS 32 Chanel (16-Channel PoE) NVR
  • 1 x AGPS18E16P-AT-190M 18-Port POE+ Ethernet Switch
  • 1 x USB Mouse
  • 1 x Network Cable
  • 1 x Power Supply
  • 1 x User Manual, Quick Start Guide & CD
  • 1 Year Warranty When Purchased from Amcrest
Model NV4432E-HS-AGPS18E16P-AT-190M
Resolution 4K
Amazon Checkout Url
Number of Channels 32
Technology Standard HD IP PoE
Color Black
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